ARP 300-6621 Replacement Rod Bolt Kit 7/16˝ 2 - piece set Photo-0

ARP 300-6621 Replacement Rod Bolt Kit 7/16˝ 2 - piece set

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ARPP/N: 300-6621 GTIN: 672036011864

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Material ARP3.5
1) Thread Size 7/16˝
2) UHL 1.750˝
3) Thread Length 0.740˝
4) Grip Length 0.200˝
5) Head Height 0.388˝
6) Socket Size 1/2 12pt
7) Collar Diameter 0.644˝

Kit Instructions: We provide the stretch and torque values below as a general guide. Please contact the rod manufacturer using the chart below for the exact values for your bolt and rod combination. Rod Bolt stretch and torque values for aftermarket rods are determined by the rod manufacturer. If they provide any information online, we have linked directly to it with the Website link.

Stretch & Torque Values
Stretch: 0.0065 - 0.0070 in.
Bolt Torque Value: 85 ft-lbs (115 Nm) with ARP Ultra-Torque Fastener Assembly Lubricant