HKS 22998-AN002 Cover Transistor (red) for RB26 Photo-1
HKS 22998-AN002 Cover Transistor (red) for RB26 Photo-2
HKS 22998-AN002 Cover Transistor (red) for RB26 Photo-3

HKS 22998-AN002 Cover Transistor (red) for RB26

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HKSP/N: 22998-AN002 GTIN: 4957266640203

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It covers the space that arises after removing the stock transistor.


  • It is necessary to remove the stock power transistor when installing the HKS Super Fire Racing Coil Pro. Then, an extra space stays after removing the transistor.
    Using this product can close or protect the space even after removing the power transistor.
  • The top of the cover has designed to harmonize with the plug cover.
  • The billet aluminum-made cover with the alumite treatment brings the metal shine gloriously.
  • The alumite has two color variations of gunmetal gray and red.
  • The back of the cover is finished with a thin wall as much as possible for weight saving. (98g)
  • It has a draining shape on the edge of the cover to keep out water from the top.
  • The impressive black nickel plating bolts with rust-proof are used on the cover.
  • We recommend additional paintwork for users who prefer to match the color of the surrounding parts.

Note: The color of alumite has an individual difference, and it may be faded out due to the heat.

* The modification of the spark plug cover is necessary when using the HKS SUPER FIRE RACING COIL PRO (Code No. 43005-AN001 to AN003). (Refer to the photo below.)