AP RACING CP7040-1001.CG12 SUBARU Impreza WRX STI N14 (01-2016) - Front 6 Piston Kit (Black caliper)

AP RACING CP7040-1001.CG12 SUBARU Impreza WRX STI N14 (01-2016) - Front 6 Piston Kit (Black caliper)

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This new Factory Big Brake kit utilises AP Racing's latest 6 piston road car caliper, CP9040 family.
CP9040 is a direct replacement for the original version CP7040 and can be fitted to a vehicle without any modification.

Advantages over CP7040 Caliper Family:-
- The new calipers utilises drop forged bodies producing a stiffer caliper making it more asthetic in appearance and therefore allowing for a smoother finish.
- The pads are still located using pins, but these are now produced in stainless steel.
- Pad retaining bolts are also used across the pad pocket to stiffen the caliper so reducing brake pedal travel.
- All Factory Big Brake Kits using CP9040 caliper will involve "Float in the bell" discs.

Part Numbers for Brake Kit with Grooved Face Discs:-
- Black Caliper Kit Number - CP9040Y1003BG.CG12
- Red Caliper Kit Number - CP9040Y1003R2.CG12

Part Numbers for Brake kit with 'J' hook Face Discs:-
- Black Caliper Kit Number - CP9040Y1003BG.GA
- Red Caliper Kit Number - CP9040Y1003.GA

Model Year 2001 to 2014
Brake Caliper type 6 Piston - Forged Body -
Gloss Black Caliper
- RH = CP9040-2S0BG / LH = CP9040-3S0BG
Gloss Red Caliper
- RH = CP9040-2S0R2 / LH = CP9040-3S0R2
Replacement Brake Disc and Bobbin Kit - Grooved or J Hook - Ø355mm x 32mm - 12 Bolt
- RH = CP8080Y38.CG12
- LH = CP8080Y39.CG12
- Disc Mounting Kit = CP2494-2261K12
- Note: For J Hook Discs replace CG12 with GA
Brake Pads CP7040D54-APF404
Wheel 18" Aftermarket