ADVAN YAQ1L50PBZP Wheel V5467 GT for PORSCHE 21X10,5 +50 5-130 RACING BRASS GOLD

ADVAN YAQ1L50PBZP Wheel V5467 GT for PORSCHE 21X10,5 +50 5-130 RACING BRASS GOLD

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ADVAN Racing GT for PORSCHE New GT design launched especially for Porsche! The ADVAN Racing GT lineup for Porsche completed with the introduction of 19-inch wheels! This allows the use of these downsized wheel diameters on the 981 Cayman GT4.What’s more, the adoption of the barrel rim design expands possibilities for using these smaller wheel diameters on the 991 GT3 (cannot be adopted for PCCB cars). Another big feature of the 19-inch wheels is the availability of a new color before it is offered on other sizes. The 18-inch wheels adopted barrel rim to be possible to inch down from the 997 GT3RS 19inch. And it has 4 concaves spokes by sizes. The 21-inch wheels can use reverse structure with no problem fitting to the PCCB after the type of 991. It has 3 types of rim depths which are Standard, Medium and Extra deep. Also Center lock wheels are compatible to type 991/997. The center lock wheels are designed to perfectly match Porsche original locking system. The 20-inch ADVAN Racing GT for Porsche is adopting barrel rim in order to accept use of PCCB. The front rim is 34mm deep, and it has 4 concaves spokes by size The sizes for Macan adopt the reverse structure in both 20 and 21-inch. The front size is Medium deep and the rear size is Extra deep, this combination leads to an extreme good looking. ADVAN Racing GT logo on the spoke is embossed on wheels in 3-dimentional cuts, the same as the GT Premium Version wheels. ADVAN Racing GT for PORSCHE 18,19,20inch