HKS 71008-AN024 SQV4 Blow-Off For Nissan Silvia / 180SX (R)PS13 SR20DET

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HKS Super SQV (Sequential Blow Off Valve) uses a unique sequential valve structure and a differential pressure control system, which allows for a broad operating range from low boost to high boost. Its Pull-Type relief design ensures stable operation regardless of the amount of boost pressure. The Super SQV will support new generations of turbocharged vehicles.


1.High Quality Aluminum Die-Cast Body

Silver-coated aluminum die-cast body. Combines the ultimate in looks and durability in the engine compartment.

2.High Stiffness Metal Die-Cast Valve

Secondary valve main portion is made of die cast metal. Reliable operation with beautiful looking.

3.Triple Fin design produces “Super Sound”

Triple Fins set at the center of the funnel produces a dynamic and aggressive sound. An optional special Round Fin can be purchased separately for sound tuning.



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